Time Management

When I say ‘Time Management’ I am speaking about doing the necessary things in your day that won’t cause you to wake up the following day and think: ‘Oh Crap! I’ve got so much to do today why didn’t I do some of it yesterday!’. Evidence of Good time management is when you can look back at your day, evaluate what you have done and smile because you know that 86 400 seconds of your life  has not been wasted. 
But if your time management is bad here’s something you can do: 
Make a checklist for your day including your priorities. 
This helps with two things; 
1. To remember everything you have to do 
2. How efficiently you have to work 
Some people try to plan out their whole day including what they will do at every hour. I don’t know about you 
but I’ve tried that many times and it never works. 
There is always that one thing on your checklist that you don’t want to do, for me it’s always English homework , I hate it, so I always try to leave it for last and I’m sure when you make your checklist you’ll have one too, this is the thing you do first. Why ? because it’s likely to be a priority and if you don’t do it first it’s more likely that you won’t do it at all on that day but you will have to do it the following day. Why leave what you said you would do for today tomorrow ? Won’t tomorrow come with enough of its own troubles ?
Your BIGGEST ENEMY of good time management is PROCRASTINATION. Fight it. 
Next on Time Management we’ll be speaking about ‘Doing Nothing’.
Until the Next Time Lovelies 😉 


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