Smart With Casual ?

Have you ever mixed smart with casual? 
I do, all the time! It's kind of my signature look. I absolutely love shirts and blazers but I'm not a fan of flat shoes and pencil skirts etc, so I wear them with what I'm comfortable with and I make it look good ( for me anyways). 
Shirt - Marks & Spencer
Light Jeans - Primark 
Trainers - Nike Jordan's 
Bag - Antler ( Avon )

Apart from that there is something I would like to share with you guys. So at the beginning of this year through bible passages and what i’d been learning, I had this eagerness to do more for people who had less. This resulted in me having a New Years resolution to give 5 pieces of clothing each month to charity, and I’ve been doing that, some months I even give more. Anyways, the point of this story is that half way through this year I realised I wanted to change up my wardrobe and if i wanted to do this I had to clear out all the old things already I think I’ve given over 60 items and the year hasn’t even ended. The lesson to learn from this is whenever you want things to change for the better you’ve got to clear out the old that was there before -Not only with your wardrobe but in all areas of your life. 
The change to my wardrobe is still going on, for those of you who have changed up your wardrobe before you know its not that easy, especially because I’m saving up for one big shopping spree.
I’m changing it up because I want my style to be a bit more mature and my view on my style has changed ever so slightly. I’m not so keen on jeans neither trainers. Some people are probably think ‘ how can you dress up without those, they’re the fundamentals? ‘. Well that’s a challenge i am willing to take on and ill let you have a glimpse through my ‘OOTD’ posts. 

That’s it for now. Au Revoir.


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