Being Successful

Success should not be a destination, it should be a journey. 

If you haven’t yet noticed  those who are truly successful never stop, once they conquer one thing they are off to conquer another and another and another, these people will always be successful and their success will never run out. ‘How can you run out of success?’ is what you’re probably asking. Let’s look at MySpace for example. about 8 years ago or more, Myspace was like our Facebook today, everyone was on it, posting pictures, chatting and doing whatever but why did it go out of date so suddenly? because it stopped at that destination it did not try to improve and if so not well enough, that’s why Facebook came along it was able to offer everything Myspace could not and more. Some may say, ‘ But whenever a new app/software arises the others go out of date’ So why is Facebook still one of the fastest growing social networking sites even though Twitter, Instagram, Vine and so many other apps have arrived ? Its because they keep upgrading, it even annoys me how many times I have to update my Facebook app on my phone. 

What I am really trying to imply is this, the moment you stop dreaming and setting goals for yourself, you die. Not literally speaking but mentally because you become complacent and nothing moves forward for you anymore. The person you become while trying to achieve your goals is so much more worth it than achieving your goal, trust me.  So never ever, even if you think you have achieved enough never stop dreaming, setting goals ans improving yourself, this is the way to keep on the path to success. 



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